There’s nothing like the welcoming smile of an Aussie farmer!

N.Q. Heritage and Interpretive Tours is all about putting farms and farmers at the centre of your next holiday, and sneaking a period of back to nature into your daily life.

You’ll have a great time, meet people who live and work in the bush, and you’ll be helping out farmers in no small way.

Welcome to Agritourism Queensland! Please click on our map to find all the new listings in Queensland We now have Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland up and running and look forward to your suggestions for the other states (New South Wales coming soon!).

Check out farm-related tours, heritage tours, accommodation and produce in Australia!

farmstay can let you escape the rat race for some special moments of farm life. And you might just have to rethink what staying on a farm means – farm accommodation ranges from 1 to 5 stars, from a Cattleman’s Hut to a luxury eco retreat.

Farm produce means there could be fresh or organic produce to try or buy. There are wineries and all their trimmings to choose. Or perhaps a little restaurant offering home cooked food or a swish restaurant that highlights local produce and complements local wines.

And being in Australia’s rural regions means you are up close to a huge range of fun tours, activities and experiences like horse-riding, ballooning, trail bike riding, hay rides, fishing and so on.


  • Helps your children learn that milk doesn’t just come out of a fridge at the supermarket, and that vegetables grow from the earth, not out of pre-packed bags.
  • Gives you the opportunity to taste some very special local wines in the environment they are meant to be served. And to chill out with friends while watching the colours of nature.
  • Not only offers a wonderful escape from our daily lives, it helps build stronger rural communities and helps our farmers to run viable businesses. It keeps farmers on the land and builds a stronger country.

Take the path through the farmers’ gates and find another world; a world where farmers open not only their doors but open their hearts to you too.

Do your bit for Australia – sleep with a farmer!

The Philosophy of Agritourism

Our business is based on the philosophy that it is important to build socially, environmentally, and economically sound tourism businesses.

Agritourism offers our rural communities the possibility of extending tourism into rural areas in a sustainable way.

What better way than using the resources that we already have to house and entertain rural tourists and to assist Australian farmers in growing their farm-based enterprises.

Agritourism is a global movement – and Agritourism Australia is doing its bit to link Australian farmers to the world.

Do you know a great Australian agritourism business?

Please suggest farm-related accommodation, tours, attraction or produce for one of our Free Listings. If you own a farm that offers an agritourism option, why not take advantage of our introductory offer for your own Premium Listing on our website.

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