Bullara Station Stay

WOW! Finally someone has steeped up to be the voice of agritourism! Congratulations- the new website is very accesible, easy to read
and attractive to both hosts and travellers. In this fast paced world we will surely see people wanting to immerse themselves in the clean country air, delicious produce and first class hospitality that is synonymous with rural
Australia. Well done Pauline,we really appreciate what you have done. It is great to finally have a website dedicated just to people like ourselves in rural Australia. We may be a small business but we make up for it by giving it 100% and the visitors we have had through in the 12 months we have been operating have been very pleased.

Edwina Shallcross

Scotts Brook

Congratulations on your initiative which has the potential to fill a hole in agritourism! Over the past 4 or 5yrs my wife and I have travelled extensively to regional areas in North America, New Zealand and France where wine is a major focus and we didn’t see one single organisation bringing together all the potential of agritourism.

Brian & Kerry Walker

Economic Development and Marketing Officer Shire of Dalwallinu

We are looking at alternative promotional methods within our local tourism potential and think it is a great initiative for the area. 

We look forward to being involved with Agritourism and assisting the development of the industry.

Richard Milloy

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